Dimitrios Strantsalis


Undergraduate Student on Physics Department Aristotle University of Thessaloniki GR

Administrator at WiSeInno

Brief CV

Dimitris was borned and raised in Thessaloniki Greece. He joined the Physics School at his hometown in 2012. His love for physics, his passion for technology and his seek for innovation got him involved with electronics. His current research interests include: High Performance Large Scale Digital Design, IR Drop Simulations & Analysis and Coding


Dimitris is has also involved in WiSeInno a platform devoted to technology innovation.

He is the IT Manager/Administrator of WiSeInno platform and he is also one of the blog authors

Current Activities

As an undergraduate student there are pleanty things you have to learn. Below there are some topics I am currently working on.

Research - Thesis

In order to complete my thesis on IR-Drop Analysis I am doing IR Drop Simulation on custom large scale digital logic and I have gained some experience in schematic design and simulations (EDA Tools) and also layout design and design verification

WiSeInno IT

Managing WiSeInno Platform. My work at WiSeInno includes Managing and Maintenaining the Cloud Infastructure (website hosting, mail hosting, cloud hosting etc)

WiSeInno Activities

WiSeInno main action is helping Physics & EE Departments of AUTh hosting powerful workshops - lectrures by handling the organising process and provide high quality events.


Coding is one of my favourite "hobbies" that I hope to implement in my professional life. I am mainly practising in development of web applications using python (Django) and ruby (Rails). I am also convinient in using HTML CSS3 (SASS). I also use C, C++ and Python3.5+ in analysing data from electronics simulations.

Cadence SKILL

I am practising coding with SKILL language on Cadence Virtuozo Platform and hope to build some scripts to make basic calculations on silicon


I am writting articles on out Blog for current technology trends and about technical updates about WiSeInno platform

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